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our mission

At Cohort, we transform customer accounts into dynamic and powerful engagement channels. Our Plug & Play marketing solution exploits innovative mechanisms (co-creation, gamification, social...) to enrich the customer experience.
More time spent and connected sessions to generate rich customer insights and build brand preference through personalized customer journeys.

our history

Cohort was co-founded in 2022 by Séraphie de Tracy and Nathan Baraillé, with one ambition in mind: to meet the biggest challenge facing marketing departments.
👉 Offering ultra-personalized customer relations in an environment where access to data is becoming increasingly scarce.
In this context, Séraphie and Nathan saw an opportunity: the customer space, a veritable nugget hitherto used only for transactional purposes. Thus Cohort was born: "The Plug & Play marketing solution that transforms the traditional customer space into a powerful engagement channel."

our Founders

Séraphie de Tracy, our Co-founder and CEO. A graduate of HEC Paris, she honed her talents during 5 years as Chief Operation Officer at Stratumn and 5 years as Strategy Manager at AXA.
An expert in strategy and innovation, she transforms bold ideas into concrete successes. With Seraphie at the helm, expect clear vision and inspired leadership, propelling our team to new heights.
Nathan Barraillé, our Co-Founder and CTO. A graduate of ENSEEIHT, he was Engineering Manager at Back Market for 2 years and Co-Founder & CTO at Tint. He has also worked as Senior Software Engineer at Google and LinkedIn, and Engineering Team Lead at RemindHQ. With him, our technology continues to innovate and push the boundaries, and the future looks bright and full of surprises.

our awards

Paris Retail Award

Challenges 100

Cas d'or

La Nuit des Rois

French Web 500

our values


A mantra that guides the way we want our Saas solution to be and the type of work relationship we want to have in the team

Always On

Like our solution, we are there at all time to provide our Customers with guidance and assistance

Cutting edge

We do not stand for the status quo


We encourage everyone to be who they are and we welcome every uniqueness

talk about

Cohort : réinventer l'espace client
Cohort, la plateforme d’engagement basée sur les NFT lève 3,2 millions d’euros
Cohort lève 3,2 millions pour démocratiser le NFT dans la relation client
Connaissez-vous Séraphie de Tracy, CEO de Cohort, plateforme d’engagement client basée sur les NFT ?