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Join forces with us to help your clients enrich their customer data

Enable your clients to access new levels of customer engagement by using Cohort platform to :

Transform customer accounts in experience spaces
Create personalized customer journeys
Gamify customer experience
Collect and enrich customer data

WHY partner with

Service Offering

Broaden your offering range with a software that turns customer accounts into a powerful engagement channel.

Shared Marketing

Take part in co-marketing initiatives with Cohort and its ecosystem (content, social media, events and more).

Lead generation

Generate new leads and receive qualified opportunities when we our customers need your services.

Revenue Sharing

For each new customer you bring, get rewarded with a commission fee.

Training program

Get access to toolkits, training sessions and webinars to master our product and pitch.

Dedicated support

Get direct access to a partner manager that will assist you through out your Cohort projects.

our Partners



Cohort has become a strategic partner to Doors3. Their solution easily enables our clients to create and manage every aspect of their customer engagement strategy from one place. By transforming customer accounts into a powerful engagement channel, our clients can deepen their customer knowledge by collecting first party data in order to propose personalized journeys to their customers.