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Customer story
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Source turns %%customer accounts%% into a unique engagement space

The Supercharged Customer Account proposed by Source :

Journeys and challenges
Trigger-based badges and rewards
Community engagement
Eco-system of like minded partners
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Customers equipped in a single day
Visits in the app for equipped customers
Partner brands included since Day 1

About %%Source%% by Bouygues Telecom

Source is Bouygues Telecom's sustainable and eco-friendly mobile plan. These values are reflected in their unique offer since Source's inception in 2022: customers can turn their unused data into "water drops", which are then converted into cash and distributed to charities whose missions align with Source's values. Source wanted to better engage its customers and federate the community around their brand values. They chose to leverage Cohort’s solution and integrate it within the Source mobile app.

“We were seduced by the "plug & play" aspect of the product. Cohort is an all-in-one marketing solution that has enabled us to easily create an "experience space" in our customer accounts. This innovation offers our customers and community rewards based on their actions, reinforcing their engagement and affinity with our brand. I highly recommend Cohort for its ease of use and intuitive handling, which makes it possible to set up campaigns in just a few clicks.”
Photo de Julien Boyard, Head of Source Mobile Operations

Supercharging the %%Source%% Customer Account

Source has turned their customer accounts into unique experience spaces using Cohort. Enabling Source's customers to live a vibrant brand experience with gamification, education and community interactions. These supercharged customer accounts are directly accessible from the mobile app. A new section titled "My Badges and Rewards" was added. From there, they can browse their badges and get access to their rewards. This program was thought of as an open ecosystem by Source and external partner brands were invited to share eco-friendly and sustainability missions.

For the launch of their supercharged customer accounts, Bouygues wanted to engage with their cohort of sponsors and create an engaging referral program.

The program is composed of 3 levels:

Source regains control and knowledge over its customer data: crafting journeys tailored to customer needs and desires enable them to recapture engagement and attention directly within its brand space.

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A new way to %%improve customer%% engagement

Loyalty is becoming apathetic, and customer engagement is now at the mercy of social media algorithms which hinder organic reach. Brands are in need for new engagement tools. Cohort helped Source in two ways :

  • Acquire new customers through referrals and its partner ecosystem.
  • Retain customers using tailored loyalty mechanisms.
“Our initial idea was to engage communities, going beyond social networks where we quickly see the limits. That's why web3 appealed to us, in particular thanks to the notion of interoperability, which makes it easy to interconnect engagement programs. We recommend Cohort in particular, because it has enabled us to eliminate all the technical complexity of these subjects for our teams, but also for our end customers, who are generally agnostic about these technologies. Cohort gives us a high degree of agility in building partnerships with other brands or partners that fit in with our brand DNA.”
Photo de Jérôme Cornu, Bouygues Telecom

Why choose a web3 "ready" program ?

By turning its customer accounts into a "web3 ready" experiential space, Source addresses two strategic objectives:

Effortlessly forging collaborations between brands and partners united and committed to the Source initiative. The blockchain makes it simple to create interoperable engagement ecosystems between brands, positioning them as contenders against the walled gardens of retail giants.


Introducing innovative and captivating engagement mechanisms. Brands can push the boundaries of their creativity in offering unique experiences through leveraging NFT (digital assets) technology in an intuitive manner free from technological constraints.