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Bring customer accounts to life.

Engage customers "at home" and reach new heights thanks to our plug & play solution.
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Leading brands are innovating with Cohort

Engage a High Priority segment

Your customers are unique. Launch in a few clicks a tailored program designed for specific cohorts of customers.
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Promote key season highlight

New season, New collabs, ... They deserve more than a post on social medias. Create momentum and excitement around your new launch.
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Power omnichannel journeys

Win back customers that you don’t know. Augment products with digital superpowers to boost online account creation or increase your physical store traffic.
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Cohort experiences inside an NFT

Don’t wait and turn your customer account into a growth engine.

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Shopping experience

Delightful shopping experience on mobile and desktop.
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Simple check out

Simple check out with email and CB
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No wallet required

Immediate access to NFT within Branded customer accounts, no wallet required.
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Drag and Drop

Design exciting journeys in just a few clicks, thanks to a wide selection of templates.
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Large library of apps and ready-to-use integrations

Connect social medias, CMS, third-party apps and brand partners to easily create outstanding experiences.
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Simple and fast implementation

Get rapid business results with campaigns up and running in just a few days, thanks to simple integration with your e-commerce and CRM tools.

Intuitive dashboard

Track your campaigns and their impact in real time thanks to a new type of behavioral data.
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At Cohort, we champion a sustainable approach to brand engagement. Our technology enables brands to deeply understand their customers' values and aspirations in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Instead of relentlessly pursuing growth, we encourage brands to maintain meaningful conversations and relationships with their existing customer base. By fostering authentic interactions and prioritizing conversation over conversion, we believe brands can grow more responsibly and harmoniously.
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“Cohort is the ideal partner to engage at home. Our clients were able to benefit from an exclusive experience, mixing the physical with the digital.”

Céline Wargnier from Etam
Céline Wargnier
Communications and Events Manager for Etam
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Simple and fast onboarding for your business

No limit to what you can do for your customers with Cohort
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Offer innovative and captivating experiences.
With the ability to use NFT technology (digital assets) intuitively and without technological constraints, brands can push back the limits of their creativity when it comes to offering experiences.

Augmented products | Limited editions | Traceability | Collaboration (e.g. artist) | ...

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Easily build collaborations between brands.
Blockchain makes it easy to interoperate engagement ecosystems between brands to compete with the private gardens of the behemoths.
Partnering with leading e-commerce and marketing experts
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