Customer story

How Cohort helps Socque to offer lifelong service attached to their products

The experience proposed by Socque Paris:
Repair for life service
15% discount on online store all year long
Circle shape


for each Shoe


included with the shoes


shoes' life expectancy

About Socque Paris

Socque is a Parisian house launched in 2021 by Laure and Camille, two friends who share their love for fashion and design. The brand offers timeless pieces, handmade in Portugal in family-owned ateliers and work with some of the most regarded tanneries in Europe. The styles take their inspiration from boyish looks and vintage treasures, and are crafted in natural materials and earthy tones.

"We leverage the NFT technology to go further in our commitment to sustainable fashion. Thanks to NFTs, we can augment physical products with exclusive experiences and services. For example, we offer a repair for life service to our clients.”
Camille Cour
Socque Paris' Founder

Delivering their sustainable fashion promise

At Socque each pair of shoes is created with the aim of providing a sustainable alternative for consumers. The possibility to supercharge the physical product with services thanks to NFTs enables to go further down the road of sustainability. With this in mind, Socque decided to accompany each pair of shoes from the limited edition Forever Jasper by a NFT-based warranty certificate of the pair of shoes, accessible from a simple QR code engraved at the back of your lucky pennies.

The lucky pennies became a key to a wide range of experiences, for Socque to go further in their sustainable approach. Once claimed, the NFT certificate and all associated services can be accessed from the customer’s account on the brand’s website. The certificate gives access to a free repair service in France, redeemable as often as needed, for life. The NFT also encapsulates exclusive benefits with the brand such as 15% off all styles for the next two years.

The perks and benefits that the NFTs unlock:

  • Repair for life included (with partner shoe repair network)
  • 15% discount on online store all year long

Keeping the customer journey smooth

When preparing the launch of NFTs, Socque was very attentive that the promise offered by the NFT did not come at the expense of the customer journey. Thanks to Cohort’s integration with Shopify everything the journey was smooth.

Each holder of Forever Jasper paire of shoes had to scan the QR code that was on the lucky penny. They where then automatically redirected to a landing page where they could claim the NFT. They had to log in Socque native customer and accept the terms & conditions of the NFT. Once these two steps are executed, the NFT was transfered to their shopify customer account where they can access to NFT and associated perks.

“Cohort was the perfect partner as their no code Shopify plugin made it super easy for us to install and launch NFTs. On the other hand the customer journey for our clients was very smoothed as they did not need to leave their customer account to claim their NFT and use their perks."
Camille Cour
Socque Paris' Founder

Reversing the fashion paradigm

The promise of a simple end-to-end customer journey integrated in Shopify was fulfilled.

With NFTs, Socque was able to offer an experience that goes beyond buying a pair of shoes and propose a new way to consume fashion in a sustainable way. If the shoes are sold the NFT linked to them enables to pass the warranty on to the next owner.

The brand’s customers no longer just buy a pair of shoes with a determined lifespan but the possibility of walking for an indefinite time with the shoes.