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How Cohort helps l'Atelier Shelter to personalise loyalty

The experience designed by L'Atelier Shelter:
Limited product edition
Access to VIP events
Discount and Pre-sales
Private content
Circle shape

4 Limited editions

already launched

1 Gold membership

for the most loyal customers


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About L'Atelier Shelter

L’Atelier Shelter is a men’s skincare & grooming brand, founded by Antoine Rouvroy, who also co-founded O’Barber Shop. The brand is built around three pillars. Firstly, it offers premium, professional-grade products, used by barbers and other hair and skin professionals. Secondly, it is committed to using eco-friendly and sustainable resources to create products that are ethical, transparent, and only made in France. Last but not least, L’Atelier Shelter is devoted to providing an exceptional customer experience, priding itself in offering products with a strong sense of design and aesthetics.

“We didn’t want to just release another limited edition collection and call it a day. We were committed to going above and beyond for our customers. We wanted them to get as close as possible to L’Atelier Shelter, to invite them behind the scenes of the brand, for them to share experiences that they’ve never had before. That’s where NFTs come in. And where Cohort was an invaluable partner.”
Antoine Rouvroy

L’Atelier Shelter’s goal: get closer to its customers

To continue to push the boundaries of how it offers an outstanding experience to its customers, L’Atelier Shelter designed a limited edition collection of skincare products in partnership with street artist Thomas Lateur. This special collection features 55 bottles, each of them numbered and completely unique. Atelier Shelter sought to go beyond a simple release of this new limited skincare collection and leveraged the power of NFTs to get even closer to its community.

With Cohort, L’Atelier Shelter was able to generate NFTs for each and every one of its perfume bottles. Each NFT provides its holder with a VIP Membership card.

The perks and benefits that the NFTs unlock:

  • Access to secret sales, specifically with the design of the limited edition (t-shirt, hoodies…)
  • Invites to events with street artist Thomas Later
  • Lifetime free shipping on the e-shop
  • Opportunity to co-create future products
  • And more to come…

A new way to build and reward your community

L'Atelier Shelter was looking for an innovative way to create a deep connexion between the brand and its customers. Traditional point-based loyalty programs seemed not fit for purpose nor did community marketing via social media platform. Customers should be much more than simple followers.

“These NFTs aren’t just for show. Here, our main goal is to get closer to our community and we fully believe that NFTs are one of the best ways to achieve that. Cohort doesn’t just generate NFTs, they helped us create, activate and engage a community of users. This in turn will boost our business for the better. I fully believe that NFTs are the CRM of the future.”
Antoine Rouvroy

Cohort: a solution fit for SMBs

As an SMB, L’Atelier Shelter ran into numerous problems trying to find a solution for their NFT campaign. The service provided by agencies wasn’t comprehensive enough, requiring L’Atelier Shelter to have a preexisting digital wallet, while the offer from a larger web3 company was too complex and not suited to a company of their size.

“We first approached an agency to help us with the creation of this NFT campaign. However, we quickly faced some technical hurdles as they required our customers to already have a digital wallet to store crypto assets. Cohort is the perfect solution for small to medium businesses who want to enter the web3 age of digital engagement.”

Cohort was the perfect solution for a company of L’Atelier Shelter’s size, providing a powerful yet simple platform that allowed its customers to claim and activate their NFTs with ease.